Sunday, April 16, 2006

Comments on First Collab201 Experience

I have spent approximately 12 hours attempting to complete my tasks. I am concerned that we need to provide more upfront detailed information for those of us that merely know what blogs are, but have never created one or even commented in one.
I am not going to site an article or another blog because I want to have some time for myself this weekend.
In answer to our 5th task for Stage 1 - I am a visual learner and need to have a document in front of me. Our initial webinar was not an example of that. It would have been much better for me to have received a packet via email with some basic definitions ( I have created my own from the various "help" sections of the sites we were asked to go to.), a high level flow-chart or overview of how all of this stuff works together (Bloglines, Blogger, Technorati, Wikis, and Discussion Group).
I am not sure I can answer you question as to where the content from our collaborative learning experience should reside. I like the idea of working in smaller groups (3-4) and I agree with Shelly that the members of each group should have different skills sets. That may mean that those members of the group that are technologically savvy will rebel because they may feel they are being held back.
If I had time, I would link to various articles or sites that discuss adult learning theory. I would recommend that we have more structure for each successive meeting with an overview as we begin each meeting. Right now my head is spinning after reading all of the information on Tony's blog (all 29 pages) and some of the other blogs he referenced. For a beginnner, I need to have more focus.


Blogger Tony Karrer said...

Wow, 12 hours Paula. That's way more than I had thought when I designed it. I was aiming for 3-5 hours. Sorry. Thanks for sticking with it.

6:53 AM  

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